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  1. De très nombreux exemples de phrases traduites contenant in dire straits - Dictionnaire français-anglais et moteur de recherche de traductions françaises
  2. Romanian agriculture is in dire straits. L'agriculture roumaine se trouve dans une situation difficile. The economy of Guinea-Bissau is in dire straits. L'économie de la Guinée-Bissau se trouve en très mauvaise posture. Second, 7D cinema will be in dire straits cultural industries, including the media industry has brought new opportunities
  3. Definition of in dire straits : in a very bad or difficult situation With its best player out of the game, the team found itself in dire straits. Learn More about in dire straits Share in dire straits
  4. In dire straits is an English idiom referring to someone who has somehow come to be in a very serious predicament. The implication with this phrase often is that the person or persons who find themselves in such a situation may not be able to extricate themselves from it
  5. to be in dire straits (financially) être dans une situation désespérée *, pejorative (=awful) affreux (-euse) → The songs ranged from tolerable to pretty dire. → Some of the poems were really dire
  6. Dire Straits est un groupe de rock britannique créé à Deptford durant l'été 1977 par Mark Knopfler (guitare et chant), son frère David Knopfler (guitare), John Illsley (basse) et Pick Withers (batterie). Considéré comme l'un des plus grands groupes rock des années 1980, Dire Straits a vendu plus de 140 millions d'albums depuis ses débuts [1]

Second, 7D cinema will be in dire straits cultural industries, including the media industry has brought new opportunities.: Zweitens wird 7D Kino in einer Notlage der Kulturindustrie, einschließlich der Medien-Industrie hat neue Möglichkeiten gebracht werden.: A partnership - any kind - may be in dire straits at the time of the lunar eclipse on July 16, perhaps due to a financial conflict → The garden is in dire need of some rain. to be in dire straits (financially) être dans une situation désespérée *, pejorative (=awful) affreux (-euse) → The songs ranged from tolerable to pretty dire in a very bad situation that is difficult to fix: These kids are in dire straits, and the schools are doing nothing to help them! Envie d'en savoir plus? Improve your vocabulary with English Vocabulary in Use from Cambridge

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  1. First and foremost, that the victim is in dire straits and urgently requires help.40 Secondly, that you, as a passer-by, are in a unique position to provide this (first) aid.41 If you behave like the priest or the Levite in the Bible and drive on, there may not be a Samaritan who comes along before it is too late
  2. Dire Straits accompagne en tournée pour la première partie du groupe américain de David Byrne, les Talking Heads [3].. Le premier album, Dire Straits, enregistré à Londres en février 1978 pour seulement 12 500 livres sterling, remporte rapidement un énorme succès dans toute l'Europe — à l'exception notable du Royaume-Uni, qui ne viendra au groupe que plus tard
  3. Traductions en contexte de dire straits en anglais-français avec Reverso Context : in dire straits
  4. Dire Straits on Vevo - Official Music Videos, Live Performances, Interviews and more..
  5. From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English be in dire straits be in dire straits to be in an extremely difficult or serious situation Everyone agrees the sport is in dire straits. → dire Examples from the Corpus be in dire straits • Peggy realized what dire financial straits she was in when her husband died. • The company is in dire financial straits..
  6. SunHeg Mens Dire Straits and Mark Knopfler T-Shirts with Men's Black Short Sleeve,4XL. 16,99 € 16,99 € 6,50 € pour l'expédition. So Far Away (Full Version) de Dire Straits. 5,0 sur 5 étoiles 2. Téléchargement MP3 Écouter avec Music Unlimited. Ou 1,29 € pour acheter l'album MP3 Dire Straits - Live In 1985 - Going Home - DVD. 3,7 sur 5 étoiles 4. DVD 10,00 € 10,00 € 2,79.

Many translated example sentences containing in dire straits - French-English dictionary and search engine for French translations The army was in dire straits with so many of the soldiers ill, without proper clothing, shoes and food. L'armée était dans une situation désespérée avec tant de soldats malades, sans vêtements appropriés, des chaussures et de la nourriture. I take it from your desperate phone call And baffled expressions that you're in dire straits. J'en déduis par votre appel désespéré et. strait definition: 1. a narrow area of sea that connects two larger areas of sea: 2. a difficult situation. Learn more In dire straits or between narrow straits is a phrase taken from the Book of Lamentations, describing the destruction of the First Temple. It means a state of extreme distress . Judah has gone into captivity, under affliction and hard servitude; She dwells among the nations, she finds no rest; All her persecutors overtake her in dire straits . (Lamentations 1:3 NKJV Define dire straits. dire straits synonyms, dire straits pronunciation, dire straits translation, English dictionary definition of dire straits. Noun 1. dire straits - a state of extreme distress desperate straits straits, strait, pass - a bad or difficult situation or state of affairs Based on... Dire straits - definition of dire straits by The Free Dictionary. https://www.thefreedictionary.

dire straits npl plural noun: Noun always used in plural form--for example, jeans, scissors. (desperate situation) situation désespérée nf nom féminin: s'utilise avec les articles la, l' (devant une voyelle ou un h muet), une. Ex : fille - nf > On dira la fille ou une fille. Avec un nom féminin, l'adjectif s'accorde. En général, on ajoute un e à l'adjectif. Par exemple. Dire Straits est un bon album, plaisant, avec déjà une ébauche du son caractéristique d'un des plus gros mangeurs de stades des années 80. Sur leur deuxième album des années 70, le très bon Communiqué, on retrouvera le côté « roots », le remplissage en moins. A lire aussi en ROCK par SASKATCHEWAN : GHINZU Blow (2004) Ghinzu revient avec la frite: FRANZ FERDINAND You Could Have.

Romanian Translation for to be in dire straits - dict.cc English-Romanian Dictionar Dire Straits - Brothers In Arms Lyrics & Traduction. La traduction de Brothers In Arms de Dire Straits est disponible en bas de page juste après les paroles originales. These mist covered mountains Are a home now for me But my home is the lowlands And always will be Some day you'll return to Your valleys and your farms And you'll no longer burn To be brothers in arms Through these fields of. BIAL in dire straits, revenue down 75%: CEO Hari Marar. Rasheed Kappan, DHNS, Bengaluru, Sep 19 2020, 20:56 ist; updated: Sep 20 2020, 11:42 ist; Hit hard by Covid-linked flight disruptions, the.

Listen free to Dire Straits - Dire Straits (Down to the Waterline, Water of Love and more). 9 tracks (41:38). Dire Straits is the self-titled debut album by British rock band Dire Straits, released in October 1978 (see 1978 in music) by Phonogram Records and in the United States by Warner Bros. Records. Dire Straits's first album was an anachronism even when it debuted in 1978 sTRAITS est le tribute à Dire Straits. 5 musiciens expérimentés vous font revivre la magie du groupe anglais. Le groupe; Dates; Audio; Photos; Vidéos; Concert privé ; Contact . Sur Facebook ! Tel. 06 11 39 29 19 Fermer le menu. Le groupe; Dates; Audio; Photos; Vidéos; Concert privé; Contact; Ce site internet utilise des cookies pour améliorer votre navigation. Nous présumons que cela. Srinagar, September 11 (KMS): In Indian illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir, the tourism sector considered to be the backbone of the territory's economy, is in dire straits especially since Modi-led Indian govt abrogated the special status on August 5, 2019. Less than 500 tourists have visited the Kashmir Valley since the occupation authorities lifted ba

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  1. Pasar páramo: to be in dire straits, very Juan Rulfo style. Pasar páramo: pasar por dificultades muy duras, al mejor estilo de Juan Rulfo. Widows whom the Special Rapporteur met appear to be in dire straits financially after the death of the families' breadwinners.: Las viudas con las que se entrevistó la Relatora Especial parecen encontrarse en una situación de extrema penuria económica.
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Anyone in dire straits because of the floods should turn to the official appeal for help. Even with unwavering support from communities, most clubs are in dire straits. The organisation, founded two months ago, not only tries to help victims in dire straits, but also helps to arrange funerals for those killed. He added that City had been in dire straits several times before and had always. Mark Knopfler, singer, songwriter, guitarist, and record producer, shared a story on his official Instagram page.Knopfler wanted to draw attention to how COVID-19 affected live shows and the music industry itself drastically, also how this situation can be changed.. Mark Knopfler is best known for once being the lead guitarist, singer, and songwriter of the famous band Dire Straits

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Unresolved issues : Karachi's federal residential colonies in dire straits. Forsaken by Centre, Sindh, these colonies scream for attention amid broken roads and flooded street Cet ouvrage revient sur l'évolution historique et discographie de Dire Straits, groupe devenu la bande-son des années quatre-vingt avec des tubes comme Money for Nothing, Sultans of Swing ou Your Latest Trick . En quinze années, d'un country rock minimaliste teinté de blues Dire Straits est devenu l'incarnation du rock de cette décennie en remplissant des stades pour ses concerts. Arnaud.

The idiom in dire straits originated from the act of sailors having to pass through dangerous waters. Strait is a Middle English word (from the Latin strictus, meaning to bind tightly.) that was used by sailors to describe a narrow or tight and difficult-to-maneuver channel of water such as the Straits of Gibraltar or the Bering Strait Dire Straits were now operating in the big leagues, and they chose a correspondingly big-league producer for 1980's Making Movies: Jimmy Iovine, the producer behind big hits by both Bruce. Ariche DIRE STRAITS: Letzter Beitrag: 14 Sep. 06, 10:23: the 3rd enquiry in less than 24 hours cannot be found in the archive. i know there was a lo 25 Antworten: Lady Writer/ Dire Straits: Letzter Beitrag: 19 Jul. 08, 17:31 You know he'd a call her a dead ringer Passage aus Lady Writer/ Dire Straits, die ich nic 6 Antworten: cross. ''Dire Straits Brothers in Arms album'' - 1985

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Dire Straits enfonce le clou dans la foulée en tournant à travers la planète pendant plus d'un an, effectuant plus de deux cents concerts, notamment treize soirées au Wembley Arena, participant au Live Aid le 13 juillet 1985, et au fameux Tribute to Nelson Mandela le 11 juin 1988 au stade de Wembley, où Eric Clapton interprète son « Wonderful Tonight » accompagné par le groupe, avec. Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English의 정의 be in dire straits be in dire straits to be in an extremely difficult or serious situation Everyone agrees the sport is in dire straits. → dire 말뭉치의 용례 be in dire straits • Peggy realized what dire financial straits she was in when her husband died. • The company is in dire. I'm a firefighter/paramedic with Marion County Fire District No. 1. Last May, our local option levy failed, and we lost 30% of community funding for fire and emergency medical service. We had. English Translation for to be in dire straits - dict.cc Czech-English Dictionar

Dire Straits are the vehicle for session guitar whiz Mark Knopfler, who first appeared as a member of Bob Dylan's band in the mid-1970s. Dire Straits play well-behaved, rhythm-heavy radio-rock that gets all its personality from Knopfler's J.J. Cale-ish guitars and montone vocals. The classic rock radio staple Sultans of Swing may be the best example of the band's art, featuring Knopfler's. Découvrez des références, des avis, des crédits, des chansons, et bien plus encore à propos de Dire Straits - Communiqué sur Discogs. Complétez votre collection Dire Straits dire straits - traduction anglais-français. Forums pour discuter de dire straits, voir ses formes composées, des exemples et poser vos questions. Gratuit Dire Straits first album was an introduction to the world of a very tight playing band fronted by a true genius of a guitar player in the form of Mark Knopfler.Good songs played with great passion and drive with all band members contributing to the overall effort.I saw the Straits in 1977 at the Ipswich Regent I believe ,it was,just prior to the group hitting the big time with Sultans of. Le concert tant attendu de The Dire Straits Experience, avec Chris White, le saxophoniste du groupe d'origine, est reporté d'un mois au Zénith d'Orléans: initialement prévu samedi 10 octobre.

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  1. ated British music scene of the late 70's
  2. Indian outbound agents in dire straits as local infections soar. By Rohit Kaul / Posted on 11 September, 2020 12:33. With over four million Covid-19 cases, India is now the second nation worst hit by the pandemic, rendering its residents among the least welcomed by overseas destinations and adding to the woes of India's struggling outbound agents. India now has over four million Covid-19.
  3. Listen to music you'll love! Create a custom radio station from your favorite songs by Dire Straits on iHeartRadio
  4. Dire Straits - Private Investigations Lyrics & Traduction. La traduction de Private Investigations de Dire Straits est disponible en bas de page juste après les paroles originales. It's a mystery to me The game commences For the usual fee Plus expenses Confidential information It's in a diary This is my investigation It's not a public inquiry I go checking out the report Digging up the dirt.
  5. Mehendi artists in dire straits With Unlock 4.0 kicking in, artists are hoping their businesses will pick up. Saloni Pradhan, DHNS , Bengaluru, Sep 11 2020, 23:55 ist; updated: Sep 11 2020, 23:59.
  6. Ce soir, Michka Assayas vous a concocté un bouquet final de notre semaine consacrée à un des guitaristes les plus aimés au monde. Mais dont, étonnamment, on ne connaît pas forcément le meilleur, très varié et souvent méconnu
  7. Ariche DIRE STRAITS: Last post 14 Sep 06, 10:23: the 3rd enquiry in less than 24 hours cannot be found in the archive. i know there was a lo 25 Replies: Lady Writer/ Dire Straits: Last post 19 Jul 08, 17:31 You know he'd a call her a dead ringer Passage aus Lady Writer/ Dire Straits, die ich nic 6 Replies: cross-straits relation

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Dire Straits established Dire Straits as a major force on album-oriented radio in America, and their second album, Communique (1979), consolidated their audience, selling three million copies worldwide. As the group was recording its third album, David Knopfler left the band to pursue a solo career; he was replaced by former Darling member Hal Lindes. Like its predecessor, Making Movies was a. India's Economy Is In Dire Straits..and this was even before the Corona problem. By Qrius. India's latest annual Union Budget for the fiscal year 2020-2021 that finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman presented on February 1 failed to recognize the gravity of the economic problems the country faces, according to experts from Penn and elsewhere. Expectations were high that Sitharaman would find. Why Kashmir's Tourism Sector Is In Terrifying Dire Straits? 0. By Kashmir Life on September 27, 2020 Debate. by Umar Afzal Dar. There was a huge rush of tourists till August 2019 and that faded in a jiffy when sudden clampdown was imposed by the Government. There has been a death blow to about 33per cent population of Jammu and Kashmir who are directly or indirectly dependent on the tourism.

In dire financial straits, Wolf appoints receiver for Chester. In dire financial straits, Wolf appoints receiver for Chester By Kathleen E. Carey kcarey@21st-centurymedia.com @dtbusiness on. Dire Straits with Sting at Live Aid, the most 1985 photo ever (Pete Still/Redferns/Getty). But then Money For Nothing arrived and changed everything. Starting with a cameo by a falsetto-crooning Sting (I want my MTVeeeeeee — a play on the music channel's slogan from earlier in the decade), Knopfler led the track with a moderately rockin' yet increasingly repetitive riff In Dire Straits? Implications of U.S.-Iran Tensions for the Global Oil Market. By Ilan Goldenberg, Kaleigh Thomas and Jessica Schwed Print Download PDF. Executive Summary. In recent months, Iran has responded to rising tensions with the United States—particularly the US launch of the maximum pressure campaign against Iran—by attacking oil tankers and infrastructure in the Persian.

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Editors' Notes The rockers' fifth album perfectly blends pop nous with rock experimentation. Brothers In Arms contains plenty of the virtuoso playing and slow-burning inventiveness that made their name, but an opening salvo of radio-ready melodies leavens the mix. So Far Away is lovely, lovelorn blues-rock, an iconic and Walk of Life's ballpark boogie is irresistibly chipper Au final, Dire Straits est entré au panthéon des rockers sans sa star, qui a séché une cérémonie parmi les plus tristes de l'histoire. Comme un symbole de la relation qu'il entretient avec son groupe. La britpop en 10 albums « Si le but du punk était de se débarrasser des hippies, le nôtre est d'en finir avec le grunge. » Lorsque Damon Albarn assène cette phrase en 1993, l.

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Avec The Place TO be, trouvez toutes les informations concernant ROCK LEGENDS : TOURNÉE 2020 Hommage à Supertramp & Dire Straits - BORDEAUX - THEATRE FEMINA à Bordeau Flood victims in dire straits; no aid delivery made. admin October 7, 2020 Latest Updates, Nation Leave a comment 0 Views. Related Articles. Commentary; Why should Afghanistan become another Syria? October 7, 2020. Women in Bamyan hit hard by COVID-19 economic crisis. October 7, 2020. Don't be afraid, you won't be wiped out; Taliban told . October 7, 2020. AT News. KABUL: A delegation sent. Since the finance of the clan became in dire straits in around the middle of the Edo period , Mitsuzane WAKEBE , the eighth lord of the domain , carried out a reform called five-year plan for financial affairs with Gensho MIYAKE , but this plan had almost no effect . UN-2. In this regard, my delegation would like to appeal to the international community, civil society and the private sector to. The tourism industry is in dire straits and needs urgent relief from the government...The measures we have sought do not involve huge outgo from the government but if these relief can be given. Dire straits is contained in 1 match in Merriam-Webster Dictionary. Learn definitions, uses, and phrases with dire straits

Single de Dire Straits sorti le 1990, la playlist de I Think I Love You Too Much est composée de 1 chansons en écoute gratuite et illimitée Introduction. ALBUM REVIEWS: 1978: Dire Straits 1979: Communique 1980: Making Movies 1982: Love Over Gold 1984: Alchemy 1985: Brothers In Arms 1991: On Every Street 1993: On The Night Disclaimer: this page is not written by from the point of view of a Dire Straits fanatic and is not generally intended for narrow-perspective Dire Straits fanatics.If you are deeply offended by criticism, non. Dire Straits, Soundtrack: Kingsman: The Secret Service. Personal Quote: All I do is miss you and the way we used to be/ All I do is keep the beat and the bad company/ All I do is kiss you through the Bars of Orion/ Juliet I'd do the stars with you anytime

Dire Straits est le premier album du groupe de rock anglais éponyme.Il est sorti le 7 octobre 1978 sur le label Vertigo Records et a été produit par Muff Winwood.Cet album contient notamment le single Sultans of Swing qui eut un énorme succès.. Il a été remasterisé en octobre 2010 sous le format Super Audio CD.. Il est cité dans l'ouvrage de Robert Dimery Les 1001 albums qu'il faut. Find Dire Straits bio, music, credits, awards, & streaming links on AllMusic - English rockers who created some treasure The American economy is still in dire straits The August jobs report was published Friday morning, and the news is both good and bad . On the plus side, the headline unemployment rate fell to 8.4.

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US election 2020 week ahead: Donald Trump is in dire straits Analysis by Chris Cillizza, CNN Editor-at-large 7/27/2020 Fact-check: No evidence ex-N.J. Gov. Chris Christie is on ventilator for COVID-1

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